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Pink Lining Child

The PL Child range of children’s bags, created by Pink Lining designer Charlotte Pearl, are designed for fun and fused with function; playful prints for kids who love to laugh. We tested the new range among a group of children from 2- 7 years of age and were delighted to hear all of their opinions and feedback.

The quality of the products is inline with the current Pink Lining range. Smooth bold interiors with gorgeous designs. They have a luxury feel and clearly very well made. The prints are unisex with ‘new prints, ‘Dinosaur Walk’ featuring little boys’ favourites: T-Rex, Diplodocus and Triceratops and ‘While the World Slept’ featuring hedgehogs, rabbits and field mice, with a scattering of acorns and toadstools.

Our boy and girl testers each took it in turn to try on and fill the mini rucksack with toys. It is the ideal pre school bag and we loved the front pocket. Which is deep enough for extra little toys.



The PL Child range include toy bags, mini rucksacks, picture satchels, lunch boxes, overnight bags, wheelie cases and new items wash bags and pencil cases. For an extra special touch you can also personalise selected PL Child bags with your child’s name, the perfect gift this Christmas. We loved the personalised option as often, you have to name your child’s bag and it saves it being marked with a trusty marker pen. It also teaches a child, name recognition and adds beautiful detail to the bag.



The Toy tidy is nicely lined and big enough to fit alot of toys inside. There are two handles, one on each side which allow you to pick it up with ease and store it out of sight if need be. We moved it around quite alot during the course of the day and it didn’t strain under the pressure.



Overall, we were very impressed with the new range. The designs are gorgeous and we are confident that they are going to be as popular with parents and little ones as the Pink Lining bags.

PL Child is available at Mamas & Papas stores or online at


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