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Pong – iPad case (Wifi version) – Review

Finding a decent iPad case seems to be no easy task, but it’s something we’ve tasked ourselves with at Daddy Tech nevertheless!

What is it?

A wifi signal improving iPad case, with more configuration positions than you can shake a stick at.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who owns an iPad and wants to protect their device, whilst improving Wifi reception.

What we think:

The Pong is incredibly well made; so much so that it feels like the sort of product Apple might manufacture themselves. It doesn’t feel like it has a life expectancy, as is the case with so many iPad cases.

According to the Pong website, “Embedded inside the Pong new iPad case, a Wi-Fi coupled antenna system optimizes the iPad’s signal and range and reduces exposure to cellular and Wi-Fi radiation.” – and it really is true. We managed to get a Wifi signal outside the driveway to our office as well as two floors above where our Wifi router is positioned. In parts of our office (as well as at home) where Wifi reception is naturally Ok, we experienced faster download speeds than usual.

There are five ‘official’ configuration positions for the Pong, detailed here:

By far the best feature of the case is how sturdy it feels when standing up. You can actually lean on your iPad, and the case doesn’t budge. This improves your experience when typing, which in turn (certainly for me) increases your productivity.

The lock activate feature is a nice touch, which can also be switched off in iOS’s settings.

Key points:

Increases your Wi-Fi reception by up to 77% and your Wi-Fi range by up to 2X

Improves signal strength up to 10X and increases your transmit range by up to 3X

Accelerates upload speed up to 5.3X

Reduces radiation exposure (SAR) by up to 88% below international (ICNIRP) limit and 72% below the US (FCC) limit

Provides more protection for your iPad than the Apple Smart Cover


Of the cases we’ve reviewed, the Pong is hard to beat. At £95.99, it’s not the cheapest case on the market. But considering the level of protection, robustness and the Wifi features offered by the Pong its incredible value for money.

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