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Project Orca

Steven Dunn, CEO and founder of Munchkin, personally reached out to SeaWorld requesting the release of Tilikum (the Orca made famous in the documentary “Blackfish”) to become the first inhabitant of the ocean sanctuary that would be built with funds kick-started by Munchkin’s $1 million donation.

“Munchkin is proposing an alternative solution for the current marine park model,” said Dunn. “We are pledging $1 million to build an ocean sanctuary in the U.S. if SeaWorld agrees to free Tilikum upon completion.”

In addition, Munchkin is removing its orca from the company’s top-selling Sea Squirt Bath Toy Collection.

“Here at Munchkin, we’re putting our principles before profits to help raise awareness for this cause,” said Dunn. “After 10 years of including a toy orca as part of our top-selling Sea Squirt Bath Toy collection, Munchkin will no longer include an orca in the set because a bathtub just isn’t big enough for an orca.”

Additionally, from November 9th through November 16th, 2015, 100% of all proceeds from sales at will be donated to WDC, with Munchkin offering free shipping on all orders for that week.

To kick-start the “Orcas Live in Oceans” campaign, Munchkin has produced a video that is now live at Orcas Live In Oceans. The moving video ignites a call to action to cease the commercialization of these majestic mammals and allow them to live the rest of their lives happily and safely in natural coastal ocean sanctuaries. Munchkin encourages all to help support their efforts by for additional information on how to donate to the cause. Concerned supporters can also follow the #OrcasLiveinOceans conversation on, on Twitter @Munchkin_Inc, and on Instagram@munchkininc.

“As a father of two and business owner, I’ve always felt a responsibility to lead by example,” said Dunn. “The entire Munchkin team believes that with success comes an obligation to contribute to a better world for future generations. It is time for us to take action and return these beautiful creatures to their rightful home – the ocean.”


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