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Ratburger by David Walliams

This book is very funny  and everyone will want to read it. You will fall off your chair reading this! it is extremely enjoyable – you won’t want to miss it.

The story is about a girl called Zoe who has an evil stepmother. She wants to get rid of her and the only thing standing in her way is Zoe’s dad, an ice cream man. He helps invent new ice cream flavours and each time he makes an ice cream, he brings it to her so she can be the first one to try it. She likes them all except for Snail and Broccoli. Who would enjoy that flavour!

Zoe has a fond love of animals and she wants to train them to be super stars. She succeeded with her pet hamster which she received for her birthday. Zoe taught him to break dance and was going to make a fab show called ‘Gingernut’. Sadly, it dies and her hopes are ruined. At that sad moment, she encounters one of the most unloved creatures. A friendly rat who she wants to protect. As the story continues, she is suspended from school as she takes it into class. Nevertheless, she uses the suspension to her advantage.

Zoe also finds out a dark secret So dark, I will not spoil it for you. You will have to read the book if you want to find out anymore. All I will tell you, is that it lies in the mysterious background of the burger shop called ‘Burt’s Burger’ and it has an effect on the rats.

There is so much going on in the story, I am sure you will find it as interesting and amusing as I did.

By Daniel Sanches. Year 6


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