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Rocco at 4 months – Laura Hamilton

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I can’t quite believe Rocco is 4 months already. Everyone warned me that time flies and it really does!

He has had all of his injections that are required in the first few months and unsurprisingly he screamed the doctors surgery down each time. I have heard that some babies don’t flinch at all… Well Rocco wasn’t one of them. It really is awful watching the nurse inject your little baby. Having spoken to other parents it’s not unusual to get upset and not be able to watch. Thankfully we don’t have to go though it again until Rocco is a year old when he will be due his next jabs.

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Having a baby can be very expensive. Aside of nappies, and formula milk if you aren’t breastfeeding, there are so many things that you end up buying and then don’t necessarily need, or items that you buy that last for all of five minutes before your little one no longer needs them. Over the last month I have been given two fantastic recycled items from friends whose children no longer need them. These have included the VTech first steps baby walker and the Lindam door bouncer. Rocco is of course too young to start walking, but he loves to try and press the buttons and listen to the music on the baby walker. Here he is enjoying it sat in my widgey cushion (used for breast feeding but getting double use making it excellent value for money!)

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I’m finding the lindam door bouncer very useful too. Rocco loves bouncing up and down and it’s fantastic for helping strengthen his legs and back, all in preparation for when he takes his first steps.

Now I am back home in the UK (after The Jump), I am getting the chance to meet up with my NCT friends. It’s lovely exchanging stories of how different our babies all are and the difference ways we all do things. It’s important to remember there is no wrong or right way, it’s completely down to you. People will always have their opinion on whether a child should have a pacifier or not, what time of formula is best, and whether to use disposable or washable nappies or not. You should never be made to feel guilty for what ever you decide to do. Your way is the RIGHT way!


The other girls from my NCT class were quite shocked when I told them that Rocco sometimes goes in the shower with my husband. Obviously the water is not too hot, and he is not held directly under the shower head but our health visitor advised us that we should take Rocco in to the shower as early as possible because a lot of children are frightened of the shower and this would help eliminate any fear. I’m pleased to say he loves it and I think the other girls from my course are now going to try it for themselves. It might not be for everyone child but it’s right for Rocco and he is in fact big fan of the water. He loves swimming and we are taking him weekly. I would highly recommend a ‘Waterbabies’ swimming course to anyone.

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We I are now off to the Mother and Baby awards at The Dorchester and I can’t wait. We did a lovely photoshoot with the magazine last week which is out in May and I am really looking forward to seeing it.

That’s it from me for now, until next time…

Lots of love


Laura and Rocco xxx

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