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Rocco has passed 5 months old.

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Hi to all those Mummy and Daddy’s out there. I hope you are all well and enjoying parenthood.  Rocco has now past the 5 month milestone.  One of my favourite things is blowing raspberries on his stomach.  He absolutely loves it and giggles away.  He is becoming a very smiley baby and he is happy to be held by pretty much anyone.  I think this is down to the fact that when he was 4 weeks old he came to Austria with me for The Jump, and everyone wanted to hold him.


A little habit Rocco has developed is blowing raspberries.  His grandpa has been doing this in front of him and unbelievably he has started to copy him.  I don’t know why I’m surprised as I know babies are like sponges but it’s crazy to see him doing it.

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I’m really enjoying weening Rocco.  He loves his morning porridge and it’s great letting him try different tastes.  Sometimes his facial expressions are priceless!  I am currently trying the Ella’s kitchen pouches (which are very handy for travelling with work) and also trying baby led weening which can be a tad messy.  I have actually panicked a couple of times when it seems like Rocco is choking… A few friends have assured me they have experienced the same situation.  Apparently because he is learning to swallow solids, sometimes he gags and he is NOT choking.  It can be a little scary sometimes but it’s good to hear that other parents are experiencing the same.

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Rocco is almost able to sit up unsupported.  He enjoys sitting in his Bumbo chair and I actually let him watch some television whilst he is sat in it.  Whether you agree with this or not, I actually believe that some children’s television program’s are educational.  I don’t let him watch for more than 10 minutes at a time and I have to admit to letting him watch his Mummy as Melody in The Fun Song Factory (a show I filmed 10 years ago) which he enjoys.  It’s very colourful and full of great nursery rhymes.

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This month Alex and I are taking Rocco on his first holiday to Le Meridian Limmasol in Cyprus.  The hotel looks fantastic and I will be reviewing the trip in the Mail on Sunday.  Travelling with a little one really requires a lot of organisation.  It’s about a 4hr flight to Cyprus so I’m making sure I’m taking enough bottles, some changes of clothes (incase of accidents), and a few toys to keep Rocco entertained.

I’ve put together a little travel must have list with a few of the things I think you might need just incase any of you are going away soon.  I hope you will find it helpful…

1. A bath cradle

2. Snooze shade with UV protection to put over your car seat/pram

3. Plenty of high factor sun cream and insect repellant for children

4. All in one swim suit and hat with protection at the back for your little ones neck

5. Insurance for your little one

6. Waterproof nappies as well as normal nappies

7.  Babybjorn carrier

8.  Travel cot (if the hotel can’t provide one)

9. Milk formula (if you aren’t breast feeding)

10.  Some jars of food if your baby is on solids

11.  Some toys and books for the flight

12. Car seat and buggy – I use the bugaboo bee and I have the travel bag which it all fits in perfectly and goes in to oversize baggage on a flight.

13.  Tommee Tippee travel steriliser

14.  Bottles, bowls and spoons


Good luck, enjoy the Easter break and until next month, Laura xxx

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