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Rochelle Humes Explains Why She and Marvin Plan to Wait for Baby Number two

They’re one of the most down-to-earth and likable couples in showbiz.

And Rochelle and Marvin Humes, who have seamlessly made the transition from singers to fully-fledged TV presenters, are also devoted parents to adorable daughter Alaia-Mai, who follows them everywhere they go.

The Saturdays star Rochelle confessed in an exclusive interview with MailOnline that she has no plans to expand their family right now because she has her hands full with her two-year-old.


Following Marvin’s admission earlier this year that he couldn’t wait to become a father again, Rochelle revealed the timing just isn’t right.

‘I’m really enjoying my little girl’s age, she’s becoming a real person now’, she explained. ‘I’ve got used to our system so I’m going to enjoy that for a bit longer. At the moment I’ve only really got time for Marvin and Alaia. In due course, when I’m ready to take some time off, then I will.’

While girl band The Saturdays’ tunes are on a constant loop in their house, Marvin has been struggling to get his little one interested in his own pop group, JLS, who went their separate ways in 2013.

‘I’ve forced JLS onto her’, The Voice co-host joked. ‘I was getting a bit cross that she was way too much of a Saturdays fan.’

The 30-year-old star has the upper hand when it comes to his presenting work, however, since Alaia is obsessed with his Capital FM radio show.

He said: ‘She always listens to my radio show, and she loves [Mark Ronson’s] Uptown Funk so whenever I play it Rochelle says she shouts, ‘More, more, Daddy!’ She doesn’t get that the radio station isn’t her very own playlist.’

The pair – who tied the knot in July 2012 after over two years together – impressed with their natural chemistry and banter when they made their TV debut on This Morning, but never planned to venture into full-time presenting.

‘It sort of all happened by mistake’, Rochelle explained. ‘We turned a lot of stuff down at first, but we finally gave in and had a ball.’

While they each have their separate projects, with Rochelle now co-fronting new extreme game show Ninja Warrior UK alongside Ben Shephard and Chris Kamara, they would love to eventually host their very own programme together.

‘If the right thing comes up, we would because we love working together – for now… if we worked together every day it might be different story!’, she added.

The couple have teamed up with Wrigley’s Extra for National Smile Month, and Marvin revealed his family constantly make him feel like the luckiest man alive.

‘When I think about Rochelle I think about the happiest things in my life. Her and Alaia are the two most important ladies in my life and they make me smile all the time’, he enthused.

As Wrigley’s Extra ambassadors, Marvin and Rochelle are encouraging people to Eat, Drink, Chew this National Smile Month:


Source: Daily Mail

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