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Round the World on Maternity with Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards 33, a Nurse and originally from Ireland, decided to use her maternity leave to travel the world with her family. They first took their first child Esmé, 3, away to Asia, Australia and New Zealand when she was just ten-weeks-old and, after giving birth to son Quinn, now seven months, last year – the couple soon jetted off again.

Their most recent adventures have seen them travel to Canada, the US and Central and South America.

The family is currently in Peru after recently visiting Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Colombia.

Karen says they won’t ever stop travelling, the kids are so young and we are holding back on some of the places we want them to remember, maybe when their 9 or 10. She says the best thing about travelling around the world whilst on maternity leave is the time I got to spend with the children . Quite a lot of the trips we centred around Esme with lots of outdoor space and kids play areas, and we tried to meet up with other families who were travelling.

On her first world travels Karen started a blog to capture the memories they were creating. The blog has since grown into a huge success.

Find out more about Karen and her travels with her family at and follow her on Instagram @travelmadmum

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