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Sausage & Magners Casserole – Watch Daddy Cook

This is a twist on an old classic; the good old sausage casserole. It’s really easy to make, tastes great and is super healthy. And don’t worry, there’s no alcohol from the Magners cider once it’s ready to serve. This family favourite takes around 15 minutes to prepare.

Serves 6.

You will need:

750G of good quality Pork sausages. I recommend Lincolnshire or Cumberland
1 x green pepper
2 x small white onion (or one large)
1 x 750ml Magners Cider (original, not pear or other flavours)
500ml chicken or vegetable stock
3 bay leaves
3 x microwaveable Basmati rice
100g of mature Cheddar Cheese

To start off, we want to get rid of all the fat from the sausages. Put them under a medium grill, or on a George Foreman grill for around 5-6 minutes. They don’t need to be cooked through, just enough to get the juices coming out. Once they’re par-grilled, put the sausages onto some kitchen roll on a plate then slice each one into 3 using the sharpest knife you can find. This does add more to the preparation time, but makes this dish so much more healthy, not to mention more tasty too.

Heat a large saucepan on a medium heat, drizzle a little olive oil in, chop your onions and peppers and throw them in. Season with a little salt and pepper. Cook them for 5 minutes, making sure you keep everything moving around the pan with a spatula or wooden spoon. Then put your sausages in.

Turn your heat up, almost all the way and pour your Magners cider in. It will start to bubble fairly furiously, and this is exactly what we want. Keep this going for 4 minutes, then reduce the heat.

Put all three rice pouches into the microwave, and heat for six minutes. When their done, take them out and empty each ones into your saucepan, along with your chicken stock, bay leaves and season again with a little salt and pepper. Reduce the heat down to the minimum your gas or electric hob will allow, cover and cook for 2 hours.

The same exact process applies if using a slow cooker; just use the saute setting until you put the rice and stock etc in. Then change the setting to ‘Slow Cook High’. It will be ready in around 4 hours depending on the model of slow cooker you have. This recipe also works really well cooked all day, and will taste even better.

Once cooked, serve with crusty french bread or rolls to soak up incredible juice from the stock and cider, and grate some of the cheddar over to finish.



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