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Secrets to a good night’s sleep and tackling cold and flu through the night

Keep coughs and colds at bay and ensure your little one has a good nights sleep this winter with Vicks and Braun. Making sure your child gets enough sleep is vital to helping them recover quicker, as well as ensuring the whole family get the rest they need. Below are a few secrets we wanted to share to help you get through the cold and flu season:

  • Make sure your child’s room is quiet and dark, to provide the ideal sleeping environment.
  • When your child goes to bed and is feeling unwell, cover them in a single sheet, rather than a duvet to avoid over heating. For babies, the sheet should come up to their armpits and not cover their heads.
  • Help children drift off into the land of nod by using the Vicks® SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier. You can manually select one of three Dream Themes – Safari, Sea and Starry Night. Each of the three themes has three images that automatically rotate to soothe and calm children as they drift off to sleep.
  • Keep your child’s room airy without being draughty – if the room is too warm they might end up feeling worse. Make sure it is around 18 degrees centigrade, so turn down the heating or open up some windows. However, it should not be so cold that it is uncomfortable.
  • If your little one is not feeling well and you need to monitor their temperature every couple of hours, make sure you have the Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer on hand. Offering breakthrough technology, the ‘no touch’ function with ‘no sound mode’ enables you to take a reading without disturbing a sleeping child.
  • There are medicines that can help to reduce your child’s temperature, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. However, don’t give this medication to your little one too early. With many parents concerned that fever can be harmful, it can lead to a reliance on medication to bring down a slightly elevated temperature. According to guidance issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics, bringing down your child’s fever with drugs simply so they have a ‘normal’ temperature can actually lengthen your child’s illness by stopping the body’s natural defence against the infection. However, if your child is in discomfort or presenting a fever between 38-40°C., 92% of doctors recommend that you administrate either paracetamol or ibuprofen to try and bring the temperature down. This guidance is valid in children who do not have any permanent or chronic condition, i.e who are usually in good health.

American Academy of Pediatrics. Guidance for the Clinician in Rendering Pediatric Care. Clinical report – Fever and Antipyretic Use in Children, Janice. E. Sullivan, MD, Henry C. Farrar, MD and the Section on clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, and Committee on drugs. Page 580-587


  • If your little one is suffering with a cough and congestion, the Vicks SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier adds moisture to the air, providing temporary relief by helping to thin mucus and soothe irritated respiratory cells. It can also limit the survival of viruses by maintaining indoor humidity levels between 40-60%, to avoid them spreading between family members.
  • When little ones are feeling unwell, try to retain your usual calming bedtime routine. Time away from the television and iPads are all still necessary to ensure little ones can relax before bed.

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