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Sennheiser CX 275s Headphones with Handsfree Remote

Sennheiser provide great headphones for the consumer market, and have done for some time. I’ve used several pairs of their ‘over the head’ type headphones for listening to music and generally you get good value for money. So I was expecting good results from the CX 275s’s.

The headphones themselves come nicely packaged, with two sets of varying sized replacement rubber buds which fix to the headphones for different ear sizes, as well as a nice little pouch to carry them around in.

Making and Receiving Calls

When a call comes in, you just press the little button on the cable near the top and your phone will answer, routing the call to the headset and mic. The button is recessed enough to prevent accidental hangups, but not so that its hard to locate. Call quality is excellent, producing a rich clear tone to callers’ voices. People reported that my voice sounded clear and that they couldn’t tell I was using a handsfree kit. Hanging up the call is as simple as pressing the same button again, and if you were listening to music before you made or received a call, it will resume straight away.

Sound quality whilst listening to music is satisfactory, and the earbuds do an adequate job of filtering out road and traffic noise. This works just as well during a phone call. It’s worth noting that these headphone are not built for serious music listening, but they are great for listening to tunes and talking on the phone whilst out and about.

On balance, and certainly for their price tag (£49.99 GBP), the CX275s’s are great value for money. For doing the school run and being able to take calls without unwiring yourself or having to get your phone out of your pocket they are just the ticket. The included case also makes sure you can keep them protected too.

The Sennheiser CX275s’s are compatible with the following manufacturers:

Windows Mobile
RIM (Blackberry)
IOS devices

Inside the Box:

CX 275s headset
Ear adaptor sets
Storage pouch

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