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Shocked mother welcomes a SECOND set of twins straight after her first when her contraceptive device failed

A woman has spoken of her ‘shock and disbelief’ after welcoming two sets of twins in just 16 months after her contraception failed.

Mother-of-six Denisse Cardenas, 36, from Whittier, California, gave birth to twin boys Azariah and Benjamin in October 2016, followed by girls Ariah Ella and Miah Bella in February 2018.

The school activities director, who admits her ‘little miracles’ were not planned, is now adjusting to life as a busy mother-of-six alongside husband David, 42.

Both sets of twins are fraternal – meaning that they developed from two separate eggs, and as such are non-identical.

Denisse, who is also a mother to Isaac, 18 and Matthew, 12, tried to get sterilised after the first set of twins but was forced to settle for an intrauterine device instead as it was not covered by her health insurance.

The couple, who have been together for 20 years after meeting at high school, decided two years ago to try for ‘one more baby’ – but ended up with four.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline FEMAIL, Denisse said: ‘We are quite the phenomenon.

‘[When we learned we were having twins] my husband and I were in complete shock but we were overcome with joy as we were able to see these two little boys completely healthy.

‘As we reached the end of the pregnancy I discussed my desire for tubal ligation [sterilisation] after the birth of the boys since it was very likely I would be delivering via C section.

‘Due to some technical difficulties with my health insurance I was not able to have the procedure done.

‘After having the twins I was positive I did not want any more children so I had what I thought was the next best thing done.













‘My IUD [intrauterine contraceptive device, or coil] was inserted two months after having the boys and I trusted I would be pregnancy-free for the next five years as I had been before the boys.

‘Close to about eight months later I started feeling sick. I felt pain in my abdomen and I knew something was not right.

‘I made an appointment with my OBGYN [obstetrics and gynaecology] as soon as I could. That’s when my life took the most wildest turn ever. I was told I was pregnant.’

Denisse was ‘shocked’ to find her IUD had been expelled and she was expecting twins again.

She recalled: ‘I broke down in disbelief. I had no idea how I would let my husband and family know. I was completely overwhelmed.’

The couple were told the chances of welcoming two sets of twins ‘back to back’ was one in 70,000 but resolved that it was ‘meant to be’.

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