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Simon Cowell’s son Eric to Inherit His £300million Empire. Is He the World’s richest baby?

There’s not many people on earth who can say they are worth £300million – let alone at just four months old – but baby Eric Cowell is definitely going to have a bright future as Simon Cowell reveals that he is set to inherit the Syco TV and music empire. Wowzer!

Simon told The Sun, “In all seriousness, he’s going to do what I do. In time he’s going to inherit my business. That’s certainly the plan.”

And Eric is going to be trained up to be Simon’s right hand man from a young age, “I’m going to be in the UK a lot for the foreseeable future and we’ve got a lot on with the X Factor auditions – I might even take Eric with me to some of the recordings.”

But what if Eric wants to be on the other side of the judges desk as a singer? Will Simon be as tough with him as he is with many other wannabe artists? He said, “If Eric wants to try out being a singer, I would be OK with that. I certainly won’t stop him. But I’ll tell him straight if he can’t do it. Admittedly, I might not be quite as blunt as I am with some of the contestants.”

With £300million in the bank, we’re sure Eric can afford to splash out on some singing lessons either way, Simon!


Source: Heat

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