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Single Dad Learns to Style Toddler’s Hair at Beauty School

Greg Wickherst is a single father of his almost-3-year-old daughter, Izzy. After he and his former wife ended their relationship, the Colorado-based college admissions counselor noticed a skill he had been lacking in — styling his toddler’s hair.

“I have her [Izzy] most of the time,” Wickherst said. “I used to just part her hair. Then one day I started trying to put pony tails in and for some reason, I couldn’t figure it out.”

After a few failed styles and even one botched pony-tail-with-a-vacuum trick, Wickherst decided to enlist in the help of the cosmetology students at IntelliTec College, where he works. And his newfound skills have been generating a lot of buzz on social media.


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