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Modern Family Sofia Vergara Battles Ex Over Embryo’s

Sofia Vergara and her ex-fiance Nick Loeb today went head-to-head in a TV talk show battle over the frozen embryos created when they were together.

The Colombian actress, who split from Loeb last year and is now engaged to actor Joe Manganiello, told Good Morning America that her former flame is just trying to take advantage of her career by publicly fighting to take the embryos to full term.

Loeb  appeared on the Today show and insisted his intentions had nothing to do with her – and dismissed suggestions he was taking her to court because he could not get over her.

‘It has nothing to do with a baby or her baby,’ he said. ‘Lives were created.


Despite Vergara’s suggestion on Howard Stern‘s Sirius XM program earlier this week that Loeb hated her, the 39-year-old businessman and banking heir said this was not the case.

‘I don’t hate her at all,’ he said. ‘I have tremendous respect for Sofia.’

But speaking in an interview with Good Morning America, which aired just minutes later, Vergara, 42, did not have quite so much praise for her ex.

‘I’ve been working very hard for 20 years to get to this point where I am, enjoying my movie,’ she said. ‘I promote all my movies, all my work, but I don’t like promoting my private life and I don’t understand why this person… I don’t want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself and get press for this.’

Vergara is currently promoting her latest comedy, Hot Pursuit, in which she stars with Reese Witherspoon. It hits U.S. theaters on Friday.

‘I am having an amazing month with all these things that I get to do with my career and he’s got nothing,’ she went on. ‘I’m not sad.’

She also dismissed his likelihood of being able to take the female embryos, which he wants to take to full term by using a surrogate, and bring up the children.

 I am having an amazing month with all these things that I get to do with my career and he’s got nothing
Sofia Vergara

‘There’s papers signed. There is a court date,’ she said. ‘He shouldn’t be creating something so ugly out of nothing.’

The case will be in court on May 22.

He told the Today show that he has told Vergara that she can waive all financial responsibility and he will bring up the children alone.

‘I can give these children a wonderful life,’ he said. ‘These girls will be raised knowing that they have a father who fought for them.’

But he also said that he would be happy for Vergara and her fiance to take the embryos and bring them to full term, ‘as long as I was involved in the process’.

And he dismissed her earlier claims that children need two parents.


‘There’s 20 million single parents in this world and… they’re all working really hard to bring up children,’ he said. ‘I don’t think there’s anything with being wrong with being a single father or a single mother raising a child in America today.’

These girls will be raised knowing that they have a father who fought for them
Nick Loeb

The TV battle follows Loeb’s opinion piece last week in the New York Times, which explained why he wants to ‘protect’ the embryos the couple used in-vitro fertilization to create.

‘Her lawyer, Fred Silberberg, has told reporters that she wants to keep the embryos ‘frozen indefinitely’,’ he wrote. ‘In my view, keeping them frozen forever is tantamount to killing them.’

He filed a complaint over the embryos last August in California.

It’s been a year since the on/off engaged couple split and, as she suggested in her GMA interview, the timing of Loeb’s ‘pro-parenting’ public outcry could not be more inconvenient.


As well as the release of her movie this week, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will also be inducting her into the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday.

‘Mi estrellita is almost ready for tomorrow!’ she captioned a snap of the star as it was installed.

Sofía is also set to wed fiancé Joe Manganiello, 38, by the end of the year. The couple were engaged last Christmas after a whirlwind six-month romance.

She already has a 23-year-old son with her first husband, high-school sweetheart Joe Gonzalez.

The Wild Card actress currently plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the sixth season of Modern Family. 


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