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Splash About provides essential products to keep children safe in and around water as well as in the sun. From swimwear & reusable swim nappies to float suits, jackets, hats & shoes, our range has maximum sun protection SPF50+ as standard, which means 98% of the sun’s harmful rays are blocked.

We will be hosting a live Twitter chat on Wednesday 10th July 2013 from 12-1.30pm. We invite you to join in and follow the conversation using the hashtag #Summerswim . There will be a £50 Splashabout voucher for the best question!

The golden rules for a fabulous holiday at home or away

1. Keep out of the sun between 12-3pm

2. Stick to the shade – especially children – Be strategic, place sandpits & paddling pools in the shady part of the garden!

3. Don’t be fooled by our cloudy weather, even on overcast days 30-40% of UV rays still penetrate

4. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water

5. The sun is just as hot in the UK as abroad, it is the same sun after all! Invest in UV clothing for children & apply sunscreen generously to exposed skin

6. Wear a hat & sunglasses

How we help your children stay safe in the sun

The Splash About UV Combi & separates are unique pieces of safety swimwear, made from super soft neoprene which offers complete sun block. The fabric is light – about half the weight of a wet suit – and the flexible elastane side panels make it really easy to get in and out of. The UV Combi has a two-in-one benefit of keeping children warm in water but the high tech nature of the fabric actively wicks away perspiration to keep kids feeling – and looking cool on the beach!

Children should always wear a hat in the sun preferably a bucket hat or Legionnaire style which covers the neck – but opt for one in an SPF50+ breathable fabric to minimise perspiration from the head which can speed up dehydration. Sun glasses and goggles with good UV protection are an essential too!

Splash About’s sun shoes are perfect for the beach with non-slip soles, a breathable mesh vented panel, adjustable ankle toggles & as an added bonus they are certified SPF 50+

How we help your children stay safe in & around water

It’s great to cool down in the water but the sunlight penetrates and reflects off its surface so it’s easy to get sunburnt.

Splash About created the original neoprene Float Jacket for children & all our jackets and Float Suits have an adjustable buoyancy system which can be tailored to each child’s specific needs by removing small floats, enabling them to become confident in the water without the restriction of traditional arm bands. Made from high tech fabric it provides essential warmth in water as well as wind and sand block and of course is SPF50+ too.

Splash About - Pink & Turquoise Float Jacket

Splash About invented the Happy Nappy – a reusable swimming nappy – which is a best-seller in the UK; it is recommended by and often insisted upon by the major swim schools because it is so effective at minimising the risks of leaks and unwelcome bacteria in the pool, keeping everyone safe.

Splash ABout Happy Nappy + Hat

New this summer –  and especially for toddlers who want to be all grown up and not wear a swim nappy –  there is the surfer look, Board Shorts – super soft tropical print fabric which discreetly incorporates a Happy Nappy – practical meets cool!

Splash About’s wetsuits are designed specifically to keep babies warm – in trials babies wearing Splash About mini wet suits stayed in water a 100% longer than they could without it.

From the award winning BabyWrap made from super stretchy, soft neoprene which opens flat for easy dressing to the BabySnug, perfect for babies and children with sensitive skin as it addresses head on the problems caused by eczema.

Our latest product, Fings is designed for babies and children to have fun and build confidence in the water.  It works by supporting the child in a natural swimming position but leaves their arms and legs free to splash about – no more holding onto floats!

Splash About - Fings Product shot low res

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