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Philips AVENT baby feeding and wellbeing advisor, Vicki Scott, has been working with mums and babies for over 20 years
in her capacity as a qualified midwife, maternity nurse, breastfeeding adviser and mum of two.

Should parents sterilise baby equipment?

Yes, parents should sterilise all feeding equipment. If you are breastfeeding exclusively you won’t have any feeding equipment to sterilise but once you start expressing, or if you are bottlefeeding, it’s essential that you sterilise.

Why is it important to sterilise?

To protect your baby from harmful germs from milk bacteria while his/her immune system is developing.

Which items should be sterilised and can they be washed in the dishwasher?

Any feeding equipment, including bottles, breast pumps, soothers and teethers, should be sterilised (basically anything which comes into contact with milk (breast or formula) and your baby). They should be washed first (in the dishwasher if this is advised by the manufacturer, otherwise by hand) and then sterilised which will kill off any bacteria you cannot see.

What age should parents sterilise till?

It is recommended that parents sterilise feeding equipment until their baby is 12 months old, although it isn’t necessary to sterilise bowls and spoons after they reach 6 months old.

Which sterilisers are best?

Steam sterilisation has been proven to be the safest and most effective way to protect your baby from harmful germs; it requires no chemicals and is used in hospitals.

Based on the hospital principle, all Philips AVENT sterilisers (microwave or mains) use the intensive heat of steam to eliminate harmful bacteria. Its range of steam sterilisers make this process quick and easy – giving you more time to enjoy with your little one.

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