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Stompa Bunk Beds

Eva and Sienna have shared a bedroom for the past two years and as Eva grew we knew that she would soon outgrow her toddler bed and we would need to decide on what to purchase next. We were really aware of taking up too much space in their bedroom as they like to spend time playing in their, so bunk beds seemed like the most logical solution.

When it came to researching bunk beds, it soon became clear that we could spend very little money and buy something that didn’t seem that stable or invest in a well built set that could also be separated into two single beds.

The brand name ‘Stompa’ was recommended to us by and they kindly offered to send us the Stompa Classic Bunk Beds in white. The room to grow website is clearly laid out and their customer service was very helpful and accommodating. We were called to ask when would be a convenient time for delivery and they even sent a text message to let me know what time they would be arriving on the day.

Stompa Classic Kids Bunk Bed - White_A_WP-1

When the bunk beds arrived, the girls were beside themselves with excitement and two guys came in to build them for us. I really think that this is a great service to offer and well worth the additional cost. With Sienna being on the top bunk, I wanted to have the peace of mind that she wasn’t going to fall down on top of Eva and that they had been put together securely. My own DIY skills are rather questionable!

They were built rather quickly and the girls watched in awe. I was really impressed, I know they must build a lot of them but they were super efficient and did a really good job. The attached ladder is not to big and Eva can confidently go up and down if she wants to sit with Sienna. There is storage space underneath the bottom bunk and you can even purchase an additional draw. 

Stompa Classic Kids Bunk Bed - White_A_WP-2

Sienna said that, ‘ I have never slept so well in my whole little life. The bunk beds are a dream come true’. I have to agree. The girls have been sleeping beautifully and not only do they look great but they have freed up so much space in their room which can be used for playing.

Thank you to for a smooth and professional experience. We would certainly recommend you as a great online retailer.


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