February 2013

There has been lots of things taking place at Lovedbyparents HQ this month.  I don’t think we have actually had a quiet moment since we launched nearly three years ago. There is always an email to be sent, a query to respond to or someone to talk to. Not that we are complaining, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Lovedbyparents Awards opened with great success once again on the 9th January. It is always such a fantastic project to be a part of and the LBP team look forward to receiving your submissions with great excitement. As we have the testing and voting elements to our awards, you can never predict what will happen! it adds to the excitement of it all. Please don’t forget, if you need any help selecting your award categories, we are on hand to help. You can tweet us @lovedbyparents or email,

My question to you this month is, Does a sensible work/family balance life exist? many of you interact with us in the evenings via social media when your children are asleep and you are trying to catch up on the days work.  I have been working ‘around’ my children since they were born and whilst I have days where a nanny is most appealing, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Baby Eva is 19 .5 months old now. A mother pointed out to me the other day that Eva will be starting nursery next year and I nearly fell down. Where has the time gone? does anyone feel like life is on fast forward at times?

We were stranded in Cyprus over a week ago due to the snow in the UK. There are worst places to be stranded I guess and fortunately, we had lots of family on hand to look after us for another week. It is in certain situations, you realise how lucky we are to have the internet. I could work remotely with my sunglasses on and watch the children play in the sunshine. A life I could certainly get used to! Here is a beautiful snap I would like to share with you all.


Have a great month and be sure to check out this months yummy Valentines deserts!





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