Swaddling Guidelines For Your Baby

The experts at The Gro Company believes that Gro-swaddles are the ideal sleep aid for a newborn baby, as it makes them feel safe and secure, and in turn facilitate quality sleep.

The Gro Company, makers of Grobag, mums favourite baby sleep bag* has seen an increase of 64%** in sales of Gro-swaddles in the last half of 2011.

The reason for the increase is thought to be partly attributable to a change in attitudes towards baby care and a return to the ‘old ways’ of parenting, which is reflected in the current public interest in the topic and in response The Gro Company has released some top tips to swaddle safely.

The Gro Company’s Sleep Expert, Andrea Grace, said: “Swaddling has been used as a means of soothing babies for centuries and across all cultures. It is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as a natural way to soothe and settle a baby.

“The reason that swaddling is so popular is that it helps babies feel safe and contained. The gentle pressure of being wrapped mimics the feeling of being held and for lots of babies, this feeling promotes sleep. It can be especially helpful for babies who are fretful and need to be in your arms all the time.”

In response to the increased demand in swaddles The Gro Company has released a series of ‘dos and don’ts’ for swaddling when choosing a swaddling blanket:

Do choose a lightweight breathable and flexible fabric, such as 100% cotton jersey
Do adjust the layers of clothing under the swaddle according to temperature of the  room to ensure your baby is snug but not too hot
– a Gro-egg can help you determine the temperature of your baby’s room
Do check your baby on a regular basis
Do place your baby to sleep on their back

Don’t overheat your child or over wrap with too many layers
Don’t cover the head or face of your baby with the swaddle
Don’t wrap too tightly – ties, Velcro or poppers might mean the swaddle is tighter than it needs to be
Don’t sleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair
The Gro Company designed its Gro-Swaddle with the above practices in mind to make swaddling as easy as possible for parents and as comfortable as possible for babies. For more information and other safe sleep guide lines, please visit or its charity partner, FSID,

How to swaddle: The Gro Company’s step-by-step guide to swaddling with the Gro-swaddle
1. Place your baby on a comfortable flat surface, on top of the opened out swaddle wrap and fold the bottom flap over the baby’s legs.

Fold the top of the swaddle wrap down so it isn’t covering your baby’s head or face.
2. Take the shorter wing of the wrap and fold the end of it underneath the baby.

3. The take the longer wing of the wrap and fold the end of it underneath the baby. The baby’s weight combined with the stretchy fabric help to keep the swaddle wrap securely in place.

For more information about swaddling, please visit or visit for Gro-swaddle purchase information.



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