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Taste For Life- Organix

Taste for Life is a free set of tried and tested activities that have been brought to you by Organix to ensure little ones get the best possible nutritional start in life. The activities have been created by our lovely food expert Lucy and support parents in encouraging children to eat well and have fun whilst they’re at it.

Top Tips

There may be times when introducing foods to little ones is far from easy. Our lovely food expert Lucy gives us some handy tips.

Say hello! Introduce new foods by showing pictures and presenting the actual food so children can see it for themselves. Sharing interesting facts about the food helps capture their imagination and makes the food become more familiar to them.

Explore and discover. Try not to ask a child to eat or taste anything straight away. Set them off on a journey of discovery by asking them to kiss, lick or crunch it instead!

Excite the senses. Use all the senses when introducing a new food. Make sure children get to touch the texture, discuss the colour and smell the aromas.Energy and enthusiasm. Show as much enthusiasm as possible with facial expressions and actions to build excitement when discovering new foods. Your energy is contagious.

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Taste For Life – Organix

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