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Terms and Conditions

You can enter one product into three different categories if you wish, but for entry into a ‘Special Award’ it will need to be on a separate form and incurs a separate entry fee. If you need any guidance or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

There is no limit to the amount of entries you can submit but each must have it’s own application form.

For entries into the ‘Special Awards’ categories, you must complete a separate application form and pay an individual fee.

Products do not have to be currently available on the market but you must be able to submit a sample for testing.

LBP reserve the right to move entries into different categories if they feel they would be better suited in another category.

LBP  reserve the right to cancel or merge categories if there are insufficient entries into various categories.

Please answer all questions on the entry form and provide a JPEG as requested.

Incomplete entry forms will be disqualified.

All samples must reach us by the 22nd April 2016. Any samples received after this date will be disqualified. It is up to you to ensure that your samples are sent and have arrived. We do not have the time to chase entries.

Every entry (Apart from Parent Of The Year) requires a £150 entry fee plus VAT. All unpaid entries will be disqualified.

You will be required to send 2 product samples. All samples are non-returnable.

Lovedbyparents decision is final.

Due to the number of entries, no feedback will be available.

LBP Awards 2016 Categories

Parent Of The Year 2016 T&C’s