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The benefits of Baby Massage

With so many different things to do with a baby it can be hard to choose what to do, but if you only have one thing to choose, I whole heartedly recommend baby massage.

Let’s face it, having a baby is hard. They don’t come with a manual! Learning to read our babies cues and to connect with them is the most important thing we can do as new parents. It is a way of learning to trust yourself and our own instincts, for YOU are the EXPERT on YOUR BABY. You know your baby like no-one else, and you must learn to listen to that inner voice. Massage is a wonderful way of supporting your relationship with one another, it is not something you ‘do’ to baby, but something you enjoy ‘with’ your baby.

Taking time from the noise of the outside world, demands from others, mobile phones, social media, routines, feeding, nappy changes and sleep deprivation. A chance to just be in the moment and bond with your baby, is there anything more important in the world?

Not only does massage give you time to connect, it has SO many benefits, to baby and to you.

Did you know that massage releases serotonin and dopamine? The love and feel good hormones. Whilst reducing cortisol levels, the stress hormone, for both you and baby. 

Massage can be a wonderful way of helping ease constipation and may even sooth a colicky baby. The calming touch and tummy routines help stimulate the bowl and aid digestion.

Even better than just massaging, is incorporating rhymes. Repetitive rhymes and sing song massage help your baby to connect with you, and know what to expect in each massage, as well as sow the seeds to process language which later may help with their literacy skills.

Baby massage isn’t just a skill to use with babies, you can adapt the massage as your child grows. Toddlers and children alike can benefit from the calm and still that massage creates. It can be a good way to make time for each other and connect throughout their childhood. Making massage a must for all new parents. 

One of the best things about being a baby massage teacher is watching that develop first-hand. Watching a nervous new mum learn that she is the expert on her baby; helping a mum overwhelmed and totally sleep deprived know that all her worries are completely normal. To support parents, when they are at their most vulnerable, to gain confidence in themselves as parents. I remember when all 3 of mine were babies, there were moments of joy but also real moments of fear, guilt, and worry that I was doing it all wrong. I now know that there is no wrong, and all any of us can do is be good enough. For our children won’t remember when they didn’t sleep, fed all the time and the sheer exhaustion of that early year. They will remember the bond, the love and the security we provided.

With this in mind I wanted to create a programme that can bring together everything I love about massage, and my own rhymes to support this connection, promote language development and help make the massage fun and engaging for years to come. Lots of parents have shared with us what a difference it has made to them and their little ones. I hope to meet you soon over at:

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