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The Braun ThermoScan® 3 Ear Thermometer brings affordable, reliable and accurate temperature readings to every family home

As temperatures start to plummet, the familiar sounds of coughing, spluttering and runny noses once again become the background noise of daily life.

We all know colds are not easy to prevent, especially in family homes. With viruses spreading like wildfire in school environments, children are exposed to picking up bugs and bringing them home to share with the family.

An essential in the family first aid kit, thermometers are an efficient method of gazing internal temperatures. With the ThermoScan 3, accuracy doesn’t have to come at an expense. At only £34.99, this thermometer is affordable to families working with a budget. 

When your child shows tell tale signs of falling ill, it is essential you are able to take their temperature quickly and accurately. Easy to use, the thermometer measures heat generated from the eardrum to produce results in just one second, to ensure you can instantly determine the next action to take. The memory recall feature stores data from previous readings, so that you can track how your child’s fever develops over time.

The ThermoScan 3 features a new compact design and is suitable for use on all members of the family, including newborns. Equally as important as knowing how to use a thermometer, is understanding what is considered a ‘normal’ temperature. The clever new audio fever indicator quickly interprets the temperature with a number of beeps: one for normal, two for elevated and four for high, in which case you might want to seek medical advice.

Designed so you can quickly switch between users, the thermometer comes with 21 disposable lens filters, which not only prevent viruses coming into contact with the ear canal, but also maintain accuracy and hygiene, as build ups of earwax and dirt are kept to a minimum. 

Braun shares its top tips on taking an accurate temperature reading:

  • Readings differ in each ear, so it is essential you always take the reading from the same ear
  • Check the ear has minimal buildup which could obstruct an accurate reading
  • Avoid measuring temperature if the ear canal has recently been in contact with fluids such as ear drops or water
  • External factors may interfere with accurate readings, such as lying on one side, having your ears covered or being exposed to hot and cold temperatures

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