The busy mum’s quick clean out before the Christmas holidays

By Ruth Kennedy

Christmas clean out before the Christmas holidays seems to reach a peak when the kids start their Christmas holidays. In an instant you’ve suddenly got a house full of excited youngsters counting the seconds until Christmas morning. Thus, it always helps to get the house sorted out before the influx of family and friends, and while there is still time between last minute shopping and food preparation. Getting the house clutter free and cleaned up before Christmas will leave you with more time to enjoy the holidays and spend quality time with your family.

When in doubt, throw it out!

Knowing that you’re probably going to end up with lots of new bits and bobs after Christmas, December is a great time to have a clean out and pare everything back down to essentials. Along with the kids, go through all their old toys and games and try to clear out anything which really doesn’t get used anymore. A good rule of thumb is: if they haven’t played with it in six months, it should go. You can donate anything that’s still in good condition to a charity shop and help someone else get their Christmas shopping done! This can also be a great motivator for the kids; knowing that their old toys are going to make someone else happy at Christmas may help them to feel better about letting them go.

The same principle applies to your things – gifts from last year that never quite made it out of the box can be donated or re-gifted. Taking action now helps to prevent a build-up of unnecessary clutter and helps you get the house in a fit shape for receiving lots of visitors over the next few weeks.

Be realistic

Getting the house nice and clean can seem like a daunting job when you know there’s going to be a lot of entertaining – you want the house to be cleaner than ever before, but you’re also about as busy as is possible. So how do you give the house a proper clean out – and keep it that way? It’s important not to try and do it all. You’re never going to get a chance to blitz the whole place, but you can cover each area in little bursts whenever possible. Get that pile of washing up done and tidy the surfaces – but small tasks like organising the DVD shelf or hovering behind the couch can probably be put on hold until things wind down. Remembering to enjoy the holidays is far more important than fussing over tidiness.


One advantage of having so many extra bodies in the house is that you have so many extra helpers! Many hands make light work, and delegating jobs to your partner and kids will leave you with more time for the fun Christmas tasks, like wrapping presents and decorating the tree.

With the house in order and the cleaning under control you are free to enjoy the holidays, brew a hot cup of tea and relax with your family.

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