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The Cat is Out The Bag

Dear Baby Bud,

For the longest time we always thought that Eva would be our last baby. We went back and forth for a couple of years trying to decide whether we wanted to add to our family or whether we were content as we were. Once you move out of the baby stage and you settle down into the next stage where sleepless nights are a distant memory and you don’t have to carry around a thousand things at once, it is a lot to consider.

We also had 4 other children ranging from 16- 5 years of age and there is never a dull moment. That said, we love having a big family and we knew that it was now or never moment for us as we were conscious of our own ages.

The moment we decided that we were going to try was so exciting but we both naively thought it would happen straight away and when it didn’t, we both felt disheartened. I started to wonder if it wasn’t meant to be.

After nearly a year of trying and finally giving up, we found out that we were pregnant with you.It is amazing how things work out really. The minute we decided to stop ‘trying’ I fell pregnant.  I thought I had eaten something and was feeling really under the weather. Daddy had gone away filming for two days and I was walking around Waitrose when I decided to pick up a test.

I couldn’t believe it when two blue lines appeared. I face timed daddy who knew instantly that I was hiding something. I have never met anyone in my life that can read me the way he can. He knows me like no one else. One of the reasons I love him so much.

We were both so excited and overjoyed and decided to wait until we had, had our first scan to tell your brother and sisters. They say a baby is the start of a new journey and it’s so true. We both had so many things swirling around in our heads that night and we knew that one of the most exciting journey was about to begin again.

In typical Eva and Sienna fashion, they have a secret sense I am sure. I was sitting down to breakfast with them the next morning and they both had huge grins on their faces. As we ate our cereal I asked them how they felt if daddy and I were to have another baby and they both started to laugh and screamed, YOU ARE. I started to laugh and began to say that I didn’t know what they were talking about but I responded with, How do you know?

Sienna had been looking in my bag for a Prittstick, had found the test and told Eva! that will teach me for letting her watch Gavin and Stacey!! so from early on my dreams of a fancy reveal on Youtube went out of the window, the cat was out the bag and the daily questions of, how much longer until the baby arrives? started.

Love Mummy xx

Dear Baby Bud

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