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‘The children don’t see each other’

David Tutera revealed on Tuesday that the twins born 13 months ago with his ex-partner Ryan Jurica have yet to meet each other.

The 48-year-old celebrity wedding planner and Ryan had twins via a gestational surrogacy using eggs from an anonymous donor and sperm from both men.

David was the biological father of daughter Cielo while Ryan was the biological father of son Cedric.


David and Ryan parted ways on New Year’s Day in 2013 before the twins arrived later that year on June 19. The CELEBrations host on WE TV appeared on TMZ Live on Tuesday and said the twins have not had any contact with each other. ‘My daughter is amazing, she just turned 13 months and is doing fantastic,’ David told the show’s hosts.

‘As far as Ryan’s biological son, I can’t tell you because we’re not in contact. The children don’t see each other,’ David said. The Los Angeles-based wedding planner said that he ‘would love my daughter to meet his son.’ David said he was focusing on raising Cielo but wouldn’t rule out a future meeting between the children. Who knows what tomorrow is going to bring,’ he said.

David in September appeared on The View and revealed that he thought having children would save his failing marriage.He said the drawn-out surrogacy process took its toll and they were moving toward a divorce by the time they found out they were expecting twins. Ryan now lives in Connecticut with Cedric.

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