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The Great British Coin Hunt

A few weeks ago we agreed to take part in The Great British Coin Hunt with the Royal Mint. We have always been fans of coins and I think it is really interesting to look at how our coins have developed and changed over the years.

The children were excited and kept telling anyone that would listen that we were going on a treasure hunt.


The idea is that you buy a 50p, £1 or £2 collectors album which has spaces to collect a variety of different coins that are still in circulation. We have loved looking out for all of the different ones and have been really excited each time we have found a different one to fill another gap.


As some of the coins have been in circulation for some years now, they can be harder to find and we have ended up with piles of change from each shop we go into. I have found that as a parent, it has been a great activity for us as a family to do together. Our youngest child is 3 years old and our eldest is 14 years old. Both have been really excited and intrigued by the whole activity.

It is also great to talk about which parts of history the coins represent and it’s always nice to have something visual to refer to.

The coin hunt has taken us on a journey that to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting. In this day in age, it has been nice to find something different to do that sparks intrigue and team work away from modern day technology.


Did you know that the life expectancy of a single coin can be in excess of forty years?

The Royal Mint have a variety of gifts, collectors items and ltd edition coins. There are a lot of items on the site that would make great gifts. If you do decide to buy a collectors album, please do let us know how are you getting along, we would love to hear about your own coin hunt.

You can buy the collectors albums from: for £5 plus postage and packaging.


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