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the Tommee Tippee guide to finding the perfect baby bottle for your little one.

At Tommee Tippee we know that choosing the right bottle for your baby can quickly become more complicated than you ever imagined. With so many options to consider it can start to feel like you need a PhD in baby bottles to make the right choice, but we think choosing the right one is something you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Here is the Tommee Tippee guide to finding the perfect baby bottle for your little one.

1. Natural latch

An extra wide neck teat is the secret to a natural latch. This bottle shape offers a more breast-like shape, making it easier for baby to switch between breast and bottle.

2. Secure seal

Many babies struggle with dribbles when feeding, meaning precious expressed milk or formula can be lost. We recommend looking for a bottle that is designed to fit against the shape of a baby’s open mouth resulting in less dribbles and fuss for mum and dad.

3. Smooth flow

The smoother the milk flows through the bottle, the less air your baby will take in while feeding. And it’s this air ingestion that can contribute to the symptoms of colic. A valve or venting tube system will help to reduce the amount of air your baby can ingest during feeding.

4. BPA free

As a leading and responsible manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, our award-winning Closer to Nature range is BPA free for your complete reassurance. All bottles in our range are made of top quality polypropylene.

Which Tommee Tippee bottle is best for you and your baby?

  • Original closer to nature baby bottle

The award-winning breast-like teat on our feeding bottles makes it much easier to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Your little one will love the soft silicone teat, and the compact ‘waisted’ design is easy for grown-up and tiny hands to hold on to. The super sensitive valve also reduces air intake, helping them to ingest more milk and less air making it the perfect choice for your precious new arrival!

  • Advanced comfort bottle

Our award-winning teat and vent system helps you combat colic in two ways:

(1) Breast-like teat helps your baby latch on and feed easily so they suck in less air.
(2) Patented vent sucks air through the internal wand to reduce the number of air bubbles in your baby’s milk.

  • NEW Ultra bottle

The Ultra bottle has it all!

· Extra-wide silicone teat, shaped like a breast offering baby a natural latch, making it easy to switch between breast and bottle feeding

· The Ultra teat has a contour zone at the base of the teat which forms a perfect seal with baby’s mouth, reducing the risk of air intake and preventing messy dribbles.

· Unique, angled teat allows the milk to flow smoothly from the bottle resulting in a perfect feeding experience.

What size of bottle is best for my baby?

  • 5oz/150ml – Best for small babies (premature through to 6-8 weeks).
  • 9oz/260ml – Can be used from birth, but many mums prefer a smaller bottle to start with.

Why are Tommee Tippee teats different?

Tommee Tippee baby bottles have an extra-wide, breast-like teat which allows your baby to latch on easily and further supports the transition between bottle and breast. The soft silicone teat feels like skin, and gently elongates and flexes during feeding to mimic a natural breastfeeding action.

bottle neck size chart

Which teat flow is best for my baby?

We have various types of teats: slow, medium, fast and variable.

teat flow

Your baby could use a slow flow teat from birth, switch to medium flow at about 3 months, and progress to fast flow at around 6 months. These ages are just a guide as every baby is different.Signs that your baby is ready to progress to the next teat include sucking harder to get more milk and becoming tired or frustrated during feeds.

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