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Tina O’Brien introduces baby Beau into the world.

She is set to reprise her role of Sarah-Louise Platt in Coronation Street next week.

But ahead of her high-anticipated return, Tina O’Brien and her partner Adam Crofts have proudly introduced their baby boy Beau to the world in an exclusive interview with OK! magazine.

The couple, who have been dating for nearly four years, welcomed their little addition to the family in October last year with the 31-year-old actress going back to work a mere few months later.


On returning to work so soon, Tina confessed: ‘The thought of leaving Beau and going back to work was a wrench in my heart.’

But luckily her supportive partner has been on hand to help.

‘I have Monday and Fridays with Beau. When he sleeps I do my work,’ the personal trainer explained, before adding: ‘we now have our little routine that we try and stick to – although not always successfully!’

Tina, who has a six-year-old daughter called Scarlett from her previous relationship with her former on-screen husband Ryan Thomas, revealed it hasn’t been awkward to work with her ex again.

‘I told him in the early stages that they’d spoken to me about it and he thought it was a really good idea,’ she said.

‘He’s been really lovely and supportive,’ she continued.

Meanwhile, Tina also discussed that marriage could be on the cards soon with Adam, by saying: ‘I’d love for us to get married but I’m not sold on the idea of a big one, to be honest. When we do, it will be very casual.’


Later admitting: ‘We’ve talked about rings. We haven’t been to see any but Adam thinks I’m a nightmare.’

Tina has previously admitted the rugby player is everything she could possibly want in a partner.

‘Meeting him and falling in love was just so unexpected,’ she said in 2012. ‘The weirdest thing was just a few weeks earlier I had been thinking, “I really don’t think I want a relationship, I’m quite happy on my own – but if I did want to meet someone I’d want X, Y and Z”. And then I met him!

‘Adam is all of the things I want in a man. He is wonderful, very, very caring and supportive and he makes me happy. It’s hard to explain how special he is, but I know he’s got my back.’ 

Source: Dailymail

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