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Tiny Tears

Having loved and adored my Tiny Tears doll as a child, I was interested to see how my five year old daughter would react to her brand new friend. Like me, it was love at first sight. A great big smile spread across her face, a tender hand slid over her hair and then the exciting chatter began.

‘As she can wee and cry, we need to go to the shops straight away and buy her some nappies’. I agreed and we set off to the shops with her little baby sister in tow.

We found a pack of five nappies from the Early Learning Centre for £4 and I explained to Sienna that her baby, unlike her little sister, only needed changing once a week. A clever idea I thought on my part to reduce the maintenance cost of our new family member.  Stops to baby changing facilities followed as we had to stop and feed the baby and change her. Who would have thought that a baby doll could be as demanding as a newborn baby!

Classic Tiny Tears comes dressed in a pretty party dress and has pull up knickers underneath. She has a nice length of hair which is easy to comb with the brush provided. Her pretty little alice band sits nicely on her hair although we did take this off at one point and use other hair bands to try out different hair styles.

Dolls are an important part of roll playing and helping aid the imagination of a child. Sienna has loved and taken care of her Tiny Tears doll for the last two weeks and loves pretending to be a mummy. I believe it has taught her a sense of responsibility and I am amazed at how ‘real’ Tiny Tears is to her.

Priced at £19.99, Tiny Tears is great value for money. Everything you need is included in the box . A great doll for a lovely little girl.


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