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Too busy to potty train your child?

A new trend in outsourced parenting is taking hold among busy mothers and fathers – professional potty-training services.

NYC Potty Training is just one of the companies that has emerged recently, with experts for hire who claim to be able to teach kids to use the toilet in just one or two days.

But the speedy lessons come at a steep price; a recommended two-day session costs a whopping $1,750, and one-day sessions will set you back $925.

 For parents like Molly Goldberg, however, who hired NYC Potty Training founder Samantha Allen to train her three-year-old son Sam in time for summer camp, it’s well worth the pricetag.

The working mom from Roslyn, New York, told ABC News that she was ‘frustrated’ and had ‘little patience’ for Sam’s aversion to going to the bathroom.

So when she spotted a post about NYC Potty Training on Facebook, she decided to give it a shot.

Ms Allen, an early childhood education specialist and former applied behavioral analysis teacher for children with special needs, came to her house loaded with toys and games to coax Sam to the bathroom.

Finally, after two-and-a-half hours of sitting and waiting with him, her method proved successful.

After that, Sam was much less apprehensive, with his mom taking him to the bathroom every 30 minutes to get him used to it. And just a few days later, he was fully potty-trained and has woken up dry every morning since the training session.

Since its launch last month, NYC Potty Training has proved a huge hit among New York parents, but it’s by no means the only company offering similar services.

Ashley Hickey, a self-described Potty Training Specialist and the owner of Successful Potty Training, hosts two-hour workshops for parents and teachers in Connecticut.

She also provides ‘intensive potty training’ sessions for $75 per hour, with a focus on children with special needs.

People spend money on all sorts of things – going out, personal trainers…’

Individual consultations, which take an hour and are typically done over the phone, cost $200.

And ‘Potty Whisperer’ Adriana Vermillion hosts five-day ‘boot camp sessions’ across the country aimed at getting kids potty-trained.

It may seem like an unlikely service to shell out on, but Ms Goldberg explains that for some parents, it’s a necessity.

What’s more, ‘people spend money on all sorts of things,’ she said. ‘Going out, personal trainers.’


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