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Top 10 Pregnancy Items We Couldn’t Live Without

1: Dream Geni Maternity Pillow

This maternity pillow is soft and squishy. As your bump grows bigger it can be hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. With the Dream Geni, it can be moulded in so many different ways. I used to tuck it under my bump which made it feel supported and cuddle up with the other end of it. Once the baby was born, I used it as a feeding pillow. You can buy different covers for it to.

2. Bio Oil

Bio Oil is brilliant for keeping your skin moist and stretch marks at bay. I applied it from the start of my pregnancy on my tummy and breasts. Even the midwife commented on how soft and glowing my skin looked. I wasn’t worried about getting stretch marks but it felt good to be treating and looking after myself.

3. Maternity Support Belt

In my last trimester, my back was aching so much and my bump felt so heavy. I am sure this was to do with the way that baby was lying. I found it hard to waddle down the road until the doctor recommended I try a Maternity Support Belt. I only used it when out and about but I can’t stress what a difference it made to me. The belt almost lifts your bump and offers extra support. It really allowed me to enjoy the last stages of pregnancy.

4. Maternity Leggings

Lots of high street retailers offer a variety of different types of Maternity leggings. So comfy and easy to dress up and down, I loved my H&M leggings which were reasonably priced and had extra elastic at the front for my bump.

5. Birkenstocks

Depending on what time of year it is, will depend on what footwear you choose but I lived in Birkenstocks. They are easy to slip on and ideal for Summer as you can adjust the width. My feet always seemed to change size or swell up in the heat.

6.Good Shampoo

My hair always changes during pregnancy. It seems fuller, shinier and somehow looks like I have stepped out of a salon after a good wash. It is nice to treat yourself to a good shampoo.

7. Bra

I loved my Emma Jane Maternity Bra. During my second -third trimester my bump had grown so rapidly in size that I just couldn’t comfortably wear an underwired bra anymore. If you visit Jo Jo Maman Bebe they also offer a fitting service and you can use it for feeding once the baby is born aswell. I would definitely recommend one that opens with a release clip at the top.

8. A Good Back Pack

My lovely satchel that I adore became impractical during pregnancy. I didn’t like to use anything that would weigh me down on one side. Not with what I carry in my bag anyhow. I decided to opt for a back pack that I could put on my back, distributing the weight evenly and it honestly made such a difference to my day and to my back.

9. Softmints

In my first trimester, I had tried everything to ‘cure’ my morning sickness but it just wouldn’t go away. The slightest smell or particular time of day would see me running to the nearest place to throw up in. I pleaded with my doctor, tried sickness bands, ginger biscuits which I don’t particularly like and anything else that was recommended, so I could carry on with life but nothing seemed to work until one day a friend recommended Softmints! I should have bought shares in the company as I was constantly chewing them whenever I felt sick and it would pass, just like that. Who would have thought that one mint could make such a difference!

10.Big Granny Knickers

Yes, Big Granny Knickers. Not the most desirable piece of underwear but I promise you will be so incredibly comfortable that you just won’t care. I loved big knickers that sat comfortably over my bump.

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