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Top ten potty training tips from nursery expert TOMY

Potty training can be a rewarding, challenging and daunting time. The expert advice from TOMY is to keep it simple – make sure you have a toilet training seat and/or a potty and bear in mind these top ten potty training tips.

Ensure your child has quick access to the toilets in your house by having a potty or training seat readily available.  The TOMY 3 in 1 toilet system (£29.99) works as a potty, soft toilet training seat and handy stepping stool.  Available in three fun designs – Disney Princess, Disney Cars and Disney Minnie Mouse- and with encouraging sounds, it will help toddlers use the potty as his or her firsttoilet. The detachable potty seat has a soft cushion for comfort, and detaches to fit the family toilet. Close the lid on the sturdy base to convert it to a handy stepping stool. This is a portable system so it’s great for continuing toilet training away from home.


A must for potty training is the Soft Handle Trainer Seat (£14.99) also available in Disney designs –Princess, Cars and Winnie the Pooh.  This practical soft trainer seat makes potty time fun with Disney graphics.  It’s designed for easy cleaning, fits securely on adult toilets, has a high soft pee shield and handles which make it easy to grasp and secure for the child.


The Top Ten Potty Training Tips from TOMY – helping to make the process easier:-

1.       Read the signs – are they ready to start potty training?  The signs include being dry for two or more hours, finding a wet nappy uncomfortable, asking to use potty and/or wear trainer pants and letting you know when they need the toilet.

2.       Be patient – give your child the time he or she needs to learn.  It’s important to let your child set the pace with training, moving ahead one step at a time.  Keep in mind that sometimes children move ahead too quickly.  Your patience will be key!

3.       Explore – encourage your child to sit on the potty, at first perhaps with a nappy or even fully clothed.  In the beginning you may also want to talk to other parents and see what worked for them.

4.       Encourage – even if nothing happens the first few times, don’t show disappointment.  Make your child feel happy that he or she has spent some time on the potty.

5.       Aim – especially important for boys.  Start out with your child sat on the potty and make sure he sits far enough back on the seat.  Part of the potty training process for boys is learning how to aim and pee downwards.  This will keep spills to a minimum.

6.       Repeat – there will come a time when you may need to ask your child every 15 – 30 minutes if they’d like to use the potty.  Nothing may happen on some of these trips, but your child will start to learn the sensation of needing to go to the potty.

7.       Progress – first use the potty system on the floor and then progress to the using the toilet training seat on the home toilet.  This will give your child a more grown-up potty experience.

8.       Protect – it’s a good idea to keep your child in nappies during the night until they are dry for long periods during the day.

9.       Keep perspective – your child’s skills are developing all the time and progress in one area may mean regression in another.  Sometime the potty training process may need to slow down because something else is going on in their lives, such as the birth of a sibling or starting pre-school.

10.   Celebrate – it’s so important to celebrate every little success.

Potty training is a milestone and the First Years products by TOMY provide everyday solutions for mums and dads, helping little ones to learn and grow throughout the first years.


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