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Top Ten Tips For Travelling With A Baby:

Travelling with a baby can be hard work but with preparation, it can be a smooth experience. Here are our ten tips for you to consider before you travel.

  1. Leave in plenty of time for the airport as everything takes longer with a little one in tow.
  2. Check with the airline you are flying with but normally you are allowed to take x2 pieces of equipment. 1. Pushchair, 2. Travel Cot.
  3. Consider paying for an extra seat for a long haul flight as you can take your infant carrier on board so baby has somewhere to sit but otherwise you can normally take your pushchair straight to the gate and leave it at the bottom of the steps.
  4. Take nappies, wipes, change of clothes in your hand luggage as you never know if you will be delayed and always be prepared for a nappy accident.
  5. Keep babies favourite toys handy as they do pass the time.
  6. Check with your airline regarding the rules surrounding bottles and what you are allowed to take through. If you are breastfeeding, you should be able to take a breastfeeding pillow with you. The Kit for Kids Feed Me pillow is a great size.
  7. Take a Baby Carrier/sling for when you land. Some terminals are close by but at London Gatwick, for example, you have to walk quite far to reach even passport control and carrying a little one and hand luggage can be difficult.
  8. Wear loose clothing on the plane. An all in one baby gro is a good idea as baby can move more freely and you don’t have to worry about taking bits on and off.
  9. Pack a blanket in case it gets too cold and little one falls asleep.
  10. Once on board ask for an infant strap. You simply thread the infant strap through your own belt and around the baby. Ask for help if you’re not sure.

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