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Top tips on moving home when pregnant

September is the busiest month of the year for moving home.  Which means that expectant mums may be faced with the prospect of packing up and settling into a new house whilst pregnant.

To make sure the big move is a stress free, positive experience, has put together a simple five-step plan for new mums and dads.

Health comes first

If you’re moving home away from your current GP’s catchment area, get a list of GPs from NHS Choices – – so you can register with a GP near your new home when you move in and arrange your antenatal care. You can also sign up for antenatal classes at the hospital where you choose to have your baby, which is a good way to meet other mums-to-be. Try not to take on too much, and if you start feeling overwhelmed, make sure you’re talking to someone.

Make some mum friends

Check out social media sites to talk to other mums-to-be who live in the area you’re moving to so you can make new friends straight away. 

Get organised

Clearly label every single box that’s packed so that when they’re piled up in your new home you’re not stressed out looking for your hair straightners or the corkscrew. If you are in the last weeks of pregnancy on moving day, keep your hospital notes and  bag and  to hand with any new baby essentials rather than packing it in the back of the removal van. 

Get Help

Accept help with the packing and moving as you shouldn’t lift or carry anything heavy. Find a good removal firm, and why not get a quote for having your stuff packed up? It’s often surprisingly affordable and makes the whole moving experience so much easier.


Most of the time when people are moving when they are pregnant they are moving for a very positive reason, to make some space for the extra family member or they are moving for a change of pace to a new town or city. Remember this is an exciting time so follow all the steps above and enjoy it!

The cost of moving can also be reduced by choosing to sell your existing home through one of the growing number of online estate agents.  Sellmyhome, the current market leader,  charges a set fee for property sales rather than a percentage of the sale proceeds, which saves new families thousands of pounds that can be put towards the cost of raising their kids.  As one sellmyhome mum said ‘’online estate agency is to the nappy valleys of the UK what Match.Com is to the young professionals – easy, simple to use and more often than not successful’’  

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