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Touching moment confused husband fights back tears as wife reveals she is pregnant just DAYS before they were due to start IVF

A woman has filmed the touching moment her husband learns she is pregnant with her second child following a lengthy battle with IVF.

Beth Wilson, 34, from Calne, Wiltshire, was amazed to conceive naturally and decided to film the moment she broke the news to husband Jamie, 37.

The couple initially suffered two failed IVF attempts before having son Eli, now two, in 2014.


Desperate to add to their family, they were due to start an expensive round of private fertility treatment to help them conceive baby number two.

In September, they were just days away from starting IVF when photographer Beth began to feel nauseous.

The 34-year-old was delighted to learn she was four weeks pregnant – and she decided to surprised her husband by wrapping the positive test in a gift box with a note that read ‘Daddy’.

The mother-to-be pretended to be taking a selfie and filmed her oblivious husband, 37, as he opened the package – thinking it was a homemade gift from his son. 


The emotional 44-second video shows the carpenter chatting cheerily about his drive home before his mouth falls open when he sees the test. 

‘What’s this… what does that mean? What? I’m confused,’ he says. ‘What? What the f***?’

But the penny finally drops and he cracks a huge smile before shouting ‘are you kidding me?!’ at his giggling wife.

He is seen laughing with tears in his eyes as their son Eli comes into view clutching a milk bottle.

The news means that the pair will no longer have to undergo further IVF treatment.  

Beth is now 22 weeks pregnant and the couple are looking forward to the arrival of their second son on June 16.

After around 18 months of trying they went to the doctor, who found Jamie had a low sperm count. However they said Beth would have to wait until she was 30 to qualify for IVF on the NHS.

They started the process in January 2012, with doctors creating six embryos in the lab.

Two implantations in the first year failed, but Beth fell pregnant on the third attempt in April 2013, and little Eli, now two, was born the following year.

‘He was very, very much a very wanted little boy,’ she said. ‘We never knew if he was going to be the only one, but we treated him like he was.

‘But when he was about a year and a half old we thought we would try for another one.’

Due to already having a baby, the pair did not qualify for NHS-funded IVF but they still had four frozen embryos, so were planning to pay around £2,000 for the procedure.

They had already forked out around £500 for the initial consultation and drugs in August 2015, which Beth was due to start on the first day of her period in September.

But when it didn’t arrive and she felt nauseous, she used an old pregnancy test she had in the bathroom cupboard – which showed up positive.

She ran to the shop, convinced the test was wrong and bought a second one – which showed the same result.

‘I was bawling by this point,’ she recalled. ‘But I wanted to tell Jamie in person.’

She wrapped up the test in a baby blanket and a gift box, and presented it to her husband when he returned from work.

The overjoyed mother secretly filmed him opening the parcel and captured his astonishment.

‘I didn’t want to just call him or text him to tell him, so I thought I would wait until he got home and made him a little present,’ she said.


‘It was funny because you see him nattering away about the traffic on the way home and then his face just changes.

‘First he swears, and then I could tell he was going to get a bit tearful so I stopped filming.

‘It is a lovely video to have and we have shown it to friends and family.’ 

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