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Toy Story 4 release date confirmed for July 2019

TOY Story fans are “buzzing” as the fourth movie finally gets a release date.

In 2015, Pixar president Jim Morris admitted the next instalment would have more of a “standalone plot”.

He explained: “The third movie ended in a beautiful way and completed a trilogy. I think this movie is not part of this trilogy.

“It is a separate story, which in turn I do not know if will be continued.”

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes when the big reveal was made on post it notes, with the caption: “Reach for the post-it! Toy Story 4 comes to theatres on June 21, 2019.”
























The first Toy Story was released in 1995 and kicked off the story of Woody the cowboy and Buzz Lightyear the astronaut, who started off being rivals and then turned into firm friends.

The film has since spawned two more films, with the last being released in 2010.

There has also been various TV spin-offs, including Toy Story of Terror and Toy Story That Time Forgot.

Some fans have questioned what the new film will be about, as Toy Story 3 wrapped things up at the end.

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