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Trunki Made For Me

With an amazing billion colour combinations, Trunki have recently launched ‘Made For Me’. Made here in the UK, you can now log online to and design your own Trunki.

Trunki is a great family brand and have won a number of Lovedbyparents Awards over the last four years. We were really excited to hear about their latest developments and try out their new website.

Everything was really straight forward and very user friendly. Once you click on the customise button, you can assign a colour to each part of the Trunki. Sienna (8) and Eva (3) found this really exciting and after chopping and changing their minds, their personalised Trunki designs were submitted and the excitement builded.  A couple of days later and they safely arrived:


What I found really impressive is that the website colours are a true reflection of the real life colours. The girls were so excited to see their own designs and quickly ran upstairs to find things to fill them with. There is plenty of room inside and a nice sized pocket for things you need to access quickly.

They didn’t have to wait long as my husband and myself were off to Paris to celebrate our 10th anniversary and the girls were to off to stay with their grandparents for the weekend. It was the perfect opportunity for the children to try out their Trunki’s.


It proved to be the perfect seat at the Train Station and infact the ideal place to have a snack!


Eva happily pulled it through the station.


And had a great time being pulled along by her big brother.


I really thought Eva would get tired but the pull along tag was so easy for her to pull and she absolutely loved it.

The Trunki is really sturdy and well made. There are two buttons, one on either side of the Trunki which open it. They are secure enough that it wouldn’t just fling open if you were riding along and the handy carry handles ontop are big enough for an adult to lift it and carry it comfortably. I think the design is really well thought out and would have confidence that it would last for lots of adventures.

We would highly recommend the Made For Me experience. It is a wonderful experience, personalising it and then seeing it come to life.


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