Vicks® SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier

With over 100 years of experience in treating the symptoms of cold and flu, the experts at Vicks have created the perfect gift for Christmas, helping relieve a child’s tickly cough and congested nose, so parents can rest assured that even during the chaos of the festive period, a peaceful nights sleep could be just around the corner.

When the cold winter weather calls for the heating being cranked up to keep the family toasty warm, indoor humidity levels can drop to as low as 10%, which can lead to irritated nasal passages and throats, making your little ones more vulnerable to catching a cold but with the Vicks SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifiermoisture is added to the air for optimum humidity levels, helping to thin mucus and soothe irritated respiratory cells.

Helping to keep your child healthy, humidification can help to maintain moisture levels between 40-60%, reducing the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air [1], also avoiding them spreading between family members, while at the same time easing the discomfort of your sick child by soothing dry nose, throat, eyes and skin.

Dr. Sarah Brewer explains: “Adding moisture to the air when it is too dry by using a humidifier can help to soothe your little one’s chesty cough or blocked, stuffy nose. Having the correct moisture levels helps to maintain the correct consistency of nasal mucus, helping to soothe and unblock congested air passages. It also damps down an unproductive, tickly cough due to dry irritation, but if a cough is productive, the correct level of humidity makes it easier to clear mucus from the air passages to reduce congestion.”

Featuring ultrasonic technology, the Vicks SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier (VUL575E) produces an ultra-fine visible mist, which maintains a comfortable indoor humidity level and helps to bring soothing relief when your little one is suffering from congestion and/or a chesty cough. The cool mist released from the humidifiermeans it is safe to use around children, as there are no risks of burns. Ultrasonic technology is also very quiet when in use, so it won’t stop your child from drifting off to sleep and you can be assured it won’t wake them up either.

A gift that will enchant little ones

It’s more than just a humidifier too – with its in-built projection system the Vicks SweetDreams Cool MistHumidifier also acts as an entertainment unit and can be used independently of the humidifier. You can manually select one of three Dream Themes – Safari, Sea and Starry Night, with each theme featuring three images that automatically rotate to soothe and calm little ones as they drift off to sleep – perfect for creating a calming environment after all the excitement during the festive holiday.

Should your little one need an extra helping hand in fighting off their cold, the Vicks SweetDreams humidifier works with the Vicks VapoPads® scented pads. Up to two pads can be used simultaneously to provide additional scented vapors for better breathing and a good nights sleep. Available in menthol or rosemary & lavender, each pad provides up to eight hours of soothing vapors. Each humidifier comes with one free VapoPads.

The rosemary & lavender is suitable for younger babies, and can be used from +3 months or 4.5kg in weight, while menthol is suitable for toddlers from three years and above.

Top tips when using a humidifier

  • Make sure that you only use water in your humidifier and not any liquid scented oils
  • When filling the humidifier, empty any remaining water in the tank and refill with fresh water. When not in use, make sure you clean and dry thoroughly before putting away
  • Try to make sure that humidity levels stay between 40-60% – the optimal levels for reducing cold and flu viruses. However, make sure the room doesn’t become so moist that water drips down the walls or windows, as this will encourage the growth of mold
  • Make sure the humidifier does not blow directly at your child or on furniture and walls
  • You can turn on the unit 15-20 minutes before bedtime so that it has a chance to bring moisture levels up in the room before your baby goes to sleep

RRP: £69.99

Available from Argos online and Amazon

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