View Quest Retro Radio – Review

If you like listening to music when you’re cooking then you’ll know how finding a good dock for you phone can be difficult. They’re either too flimsy, or too complicated to use. Or you don’t want them in the kitchen in case they get something spilt on them.

The View Quest Retro Radio satisfies each one of these problems perfectly. But as well as being a dock; it’s also a fully functioning DAB+ digital radio.

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After opening the box, plugging in and switching on the Retro Radio auto-tunes to all the relevent DAB channels in your area. This takes less than a minute then you’re up and running (if you’re in a non-digital area, just switch to standard FM to carry on receiving).

Sound quality is very good, especially considering how small the unit is. This isn’t one for the bassheads out there but audio is clean, crisp and well delivered with enough treble cut to push through bubbling pans and roaring ovens. What HiFi? gave the View Quest Retro Radio it’s much coveted 5 star rating, so they obviously thought so too.

On the front of the Retro Radio, you will find a high quality and very sturdy lightning connector for attaching your iPhone, where it sits snugly and securely. Just switch the mode to ‘iPod Connection’, fire up Spotify, iTunes or Google Music etc and play all your favourite tunes right there within the dock with no external cables involved.

Being mains powered, we found that the Retro Radio charged our phone quicker than the standard Apple charger, which is a real bonus. The device will also work from battery power too; perfect for barbecues or picnics, giving a run time of around 15 hours.

One of the features we loved was the leatherette wipe-clean housing; we spilt some egg on the top of the unit and it wiped off quickly and easily with a damp cloth. View Quest do not recommend spilling liquids or anything else onto the Retro Radio, buts it’s nice to know that when we did it wasn’t game over.

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