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Vtech Tiny Tot Driver

Vtech Tiny Tot Driver

Recommended Age 1+

What does it do?

A Green gear stick which makes a driving sound as you push it up and down.

A steering wheel which interacts with other parts of the toy but also has an embedded horn.

A wing mirror for your child to look in whilst driving.

An on and off switch so you are able to turn off the sound if you wish.

Three activity options. A Zoo mode, Counting mode and Music mode. It is very easy to switch from one to another.


This brightly coloured mini driver is the ideal toy for little hands. Helping with co ordination and visual skills, Eva loved the music and different modes it has available. We have used this toy for the last six months and she will still happily sit and play with it. Even though the recommended age is 1+ at 10 months old she would press the horn, listen to the music and look at herself in the wing mirror. Now aged 14 months, she can navigate the menu options, and will happily steer the wheel whilst listening to the songs and chatting along to herself.

The Tiny Tot Driver is durable, light, bright and has lots of entertaining features. A toy we would recommend for both little boys and girls.



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