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Ways To Outgrow Bad Parenting

There are many of us facing difficulties while walking through various paths of our lives. While some of us focus on finding ways to jump hurdles with ease, there are others who dwell on miseries and keep blaming the causes that have led to their not so peaceful present.

Through this article, I am going to focus on those young adults who regard bad parenting as probable cause for facing tough times in dealing with their respective lives, by providing certain useful tips that can help them outgrow bad parenting.

Many parents practice ways that in their opinion our best to raise their children but they fail to realize that their ways may not actually turn out positively for their child’s upbringing. But it is we who need to understand that we cannot spend our entire lives running to win our personal battles by keeping one leg in our not-so-happy past because dragging a dreadful past can easily damage our present.

So instead of blaming parents for their bad parenting style that has shaped you into a personality that you never desired to become, let’s start digging out ways that can help you in outgrowing your parents.

Find Positives Our Of Negatives –
Did you know that bad parenting also has advantages? Amazingly enough, it can make you more empathetic and also more strong! Always believe in the fact that the one who undergoes a period of struggles and pain bravely, comes out as the strongest and the most compassionate. Realizing this is the best way to outgrow bad parenting.

Your Parents Are Humans First
Accept the fact that your parents are human beings first. Whatever they could possible do to raise you well, they did.

So a major step in outgrowing your parents is realizing the truth that just as you are going through turbulent times, your parents also might have had a tough past that has shaped them into how you see them today. As you realize this fact, you take responsibility of changing your life by shaping yourselves into positive and happy individuals.

Check The Impact On Your Adult Life
Another way that can help you in outgrowing bad parenting is by acknowledging how your adult life has been impacted by bad parenting. Are you always rebellious? Anxious? Do you often feel helpless and miserable? When you start identifying and working out how bad parenting has impacted your adult life negatively, you start thinking of best ways to overcome those negative emotions of yours. Be sure to overcome your negative emotions positively (by indulging in hobbies, exercising, yoga) and not by indulging in a whole new set of negative habits such as drugs or alcohol because when one starts to find solace in such habits, they do get temporary relief but are left with permanently damaged personalities.

Talk Out Your Feelings
Another important way that can help in outgrowing your parents is by talking out your feelings. Accumulating bad feelings inside is unhealthy for your mental peace. It is important that you pour your heart out as it helps you to move on.


Source: BoldSky

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