What are your top tips for leaving the house with a newborn?

Newborn baby girl in the hospital after c-section

Question: What are your top tips for leaving the house with a newborn?:)


  1. Allowing enough time is crucial and not setting yourself too many expectations. I always started with small steps like a trip to the shop or a walk:)

2. Leave plenty of time! If you’re heading out for an appointment, leave extra time for those last minute nappy changes just as you’re about to leave the house! Be kind to yourself and know you are doing a great job!

3. Keep your bag topped up with essentials, spare clothes, nappies and wipes, cream, snacks and a water bottle you can fill, so all you need to add is baby. I leave pram up in the hall complete with bag so it just need to get dressed.

4. Spare clothes, always make sure you take food , either formula or breast milk depending on what your using. Spare blankets , and leave plenty of time before leaving the house.

5. Always replace any items you have used out of your bag ASAP and if you then have to leave in a rush, you will have most if not everything you need whilst out and about.

6. Have your bag packed night before try and get into habit of repacking each evening/afternoon. But otherwise just go. It’s one of those things that get easier with time and practice. You’ll find your little routines

7. We made our first trip out with our 9 day old yesterday, my tip would be to make sure you have plenty of nappies and wipes etc as we had to change her nappy at least 4 times while we were out! Also if you are bottle feeding make sure you have plenty of formula or buy some of the ready made bottles and pack a few sterilised bottles to pour it into! Make sure you have places you can change your baby’s nappy, and don’t set yourself any time lines as you never know what baby might get upto, and you’ll probably end up being late! If you have to be somewhere for a specific time, make sure you allow plenty of time to get there! X x

8. Plenty of time, change of clothes, nappies, wipes, breast pads if you’re breastfeeding. Don’t do what I did on our first outing and forget the change of clothes and spare breast pads, little man had a nappy explosion and I leaked straight through my pads onto my bra!

9. Always have a bad packed with essentials add re stock when you get in so you only have to grab it and run. Take more milk then what you think you will need unless breastfeeding. Try to time travel with sleep times but very small babies should sleep in the car or pushchair. Keep trips short to stay with as they get over stimulated very quickly, think of all the lights and sounds they will see and hear.

10. I keep a bag packed in the car with lots of essentials in such as wipes, nappies and a change of clothes.

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