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What the Old Wives’ Tales Say About Whether You’ll Have a Boy or Girl?

Can old wives tales determine the sex of your baby? They are generally regarded as myths but it is always fun to guess. So what are they?

It could be a bouncing baby boy if…..

  1. You are carrying more at the front.
  2. You crave protein such as cheese and meat.
  3. You are cold more quickly then before you were pregnant.
  4. The babies heartbeat sounds like a train.
  5. Your right breast is bigger than your left.
  6. Your hair has gained more body than before.
  7. The dark line that appears on your bump called the lines continues above your belly button.
  8. You are clumsier than normal.
  9. You stare into a mirror for around a minute and your pupils dilate. 
  10. Your skin is dry.

It could be a bouncing baby girl if…..

  1. You are carrying high. 
  2. Your urine is bright yellow
  3. Your skin is really soft.
  4. You are craving sweet things.
  5. The babies heartbeat sounds like galloping horse
  6. You didn’t suffer from morning sickness in your first trimester.
  7. You tie a ring on a piece of string, hang it over your belly and it moves round in circles.
  8. Your partner is gaining weight alongside you.
  9. Your body temperature is warmer than normal.
  10. You are naturally falling asleep on the right side.

Based on these old wives’ tales, which do you think you are having, a boy or a girl? We would love to know if any of these are true for you.

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