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Where’s The Bump? Coco Austin Is Seven Months Pregnant But Doesn’t Look It!

She is seven months pregnant with her first child.

But model Coco Austin didn’t even look as if she was expecting as she posed backstage at husband Ice T’s concert on Sunday.

The 36-year-old blonde bombshell did appear, however, to have larger than ever cleavage, which she has recently commented is getting ‘enormous.’


The reality star is expecting a little girl later this year and has said she plans to name her daughter Chanel.

The Coco & Austin star was wearing a blue blouse that covered her bump. Tight white jeans showed off shapely legs.

The looker was not following pregnancy style norms as she had on sky-high heels as well.


‘Chilling baby..I’m just chillin,’ she captioned the image, which she shared via Twitter.

‘Backstage at BC concert supporting my man..That’s how I roll #28weeks.’

There have been so many comments that the TV icon does not seem pregnant that Austin has taken to her blog, Coco’s World, to set the record straight.


‘Thanks to all the compliments comparing me to Sarah Stage (the model that had abs her entire pregnancy but had a healthy baby).

‘Even though I would like to stay small I feel my tummy will pop sooner or later.. I may also look slimmer to you now because when I first got pregnant. I actually lost 10 pounds instead of gain.

‘The reason, I believe, is because I stopped drinking alcohol. I would always have at least a glass of wine every night. So just recently in my 2nd trimester I finally started gaining but only 5 pounds so far. Hope this answers most of your questions.’

Last week she shared a photo of her cleavage with the comment, ‘I know my boobs are getting enormous. They won’t stop growing.. Pregnancy boobs for me are on another level!’


Source: Daily Mail

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