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Who’s the daddy? Confused baby meets his father’s identical twin for the first time

A 16-month-old baby was left totally baffled after his father’s identical twin popped by for a visit – and he couldn’t tell them apart.

Dad Stephen Ratpojanakul, from New York, captured the hilarious moment on camera and posted the footage on Facebook, where it’s been watched more than 12 million times.

In the footage, baby Reed can’t decide which of the two men is his father and keeps reaching from Stephen to his brother Michael, calling them both ‘Dada’.


At the start of the clip, Reed is being held by his father, who is standing on the left, and is then handed over to his uncle, who is standing on the right.

After a moment of confusion, Reed then looks at Stephen, and reaches out for him again – before repeating exactly the same thing with Michael. 

Stephen then takes off Michael’s glasses – and, much to the twins’ amusement, Reed then reaches back to his uncle calling him ‘Dada’ as well. 


Stephen then removes his glasses. But as soon as Reed is being held by Michael, he leans back and points at his real dad and starts whimpering. 

When his uncle asks, ‘Who’s that?’ Reed says ‘Dada!’ before diving back into the arms of his father.

The brothers burst into fits of laughter again when, once back in his father’s arms, he looks back at his uncle and declares ‘Dad’ before trying to jump back to Michael. 

Explaining Reed’s hilarious reaction Reed, who is married to Carroll who is also a twin, told Buzzfeed: ‘Reed isn’t used to me wearing glasses, and in his confusion he kept reaching back and forth between me and Michael.’


‘A lot of commentators have said things like “he’s so confused” and “poor baby”, but I promise Reed was having fun—he’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen,’ he said. 

He also told the site that when the family tried the experiment with Carroll and her twin, Reed past with ‘flying colours’.

Reed isn’t the first baby to become an internet star after being confused by one of his parents’ twins. 

Last year, 10-month-old Felix from Lithuania attracted nearly a million views in a video of him meeting his mother’s twin for the first time.

The hilarious moment was captured on video as the baby met his aunt for the first time while on a visit to Montreal, Canada. 

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