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Why I’m planning to eat my placenta: Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton says

As one of the quieter members of Atomic Kitten, Natasha Hamilton doesn’t usually hit the headlines.

But the claim that the pregnant singer is planning on eating her own placenta after giving birth to her fourth child later this year is guaranteed to catch a few people’s attention.

Natasha, 32, is expecting her first daughter with 5IVE singer Ritchie Neville, 34, and after being told about the supposed health benefits, has decided she will get the body part made into pills to eat after the birth.


In a blog for BabyCentre, the star said: ‘I initially felt pretty squeamish about it all, but once I heard the benefits for the mum I really wanted to do it.

‘For those of you who haven’t heard about it, it is where your placenta is taken away after birth, it’s dehydrated and ground into a coarse powder and then placed into small capsules to be taken as a daily supplement.

‘I was told this would help replace lost hormones more quickly, help to fight against post-natal depression (PND) and also boosts milk supply.

‘The messy, gross side is taken away and you are given a daily vitamin, this appealed to me far more than adding raw placenta to a smoothie to be honest.

‘And I didn’t fancy bringing my own placenta home in a Tupperware box and having to dry it out and chop it up myself!

‘As I’ve suffered with severe PND in the past and struggled with getting a good milk supply, I will take anything harmless if it prevents me getting PND again.’

The star isn’t alone – actresses January Jones and Alicia Silverstone has both admitted to eating their placenta after giving birth.

Alicia said earlier this year: ‘Someone gifted me my placenta in the form of a pill, they encapsulate it.

‘I thought that’s harmless, I’ll try it.

‘And I have to tell you that I really loved it.”

‘I’ve got to the point that my husband said: “Did you have your happy pills today?”

‘And I was really sad when they were gone, it really helped me’

But the practice could soon be forbidden under new rules from the European Food Safety Authority, something that Natasha Hamilton is campaigning against.

She wrote in her blog: ‘The EFSA is trying to class it as a “novel food” and in the process taking away our rights to nourish ourselves with something that has come from our own body.

‘I was appalled. I understand that there are hygiene issues, but surely these companies that agree to take them away are fully aware of how to store a placenta?

‘I have followed this story closely and signed a petition with that IPEN have issued along with a lengthy dossier to the EFSA and they are now awaiting a response on their final decision.’


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