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Will You Still Love Me?

Dear Baby Bud,

There will be just over 5 years between Eva and you. The same age gap between Sienna and Eva and Leah and Sienna. We seem to be a fan of the 5 year age gap.

Eva has been asking lately if she will still be the baby when you arrive and if we are still going to love her in the same way. What happens if we run out of love and how will things be different with a new baby?

Just as she was beginning to tell us what a big girl she is, she has now reverted back to being a baby by using a baby voice when speaking to us. We have told her that she will always be our baby girl and what an important big sister she is going to be. She has a list of things she is going to teach you and she loves the idea of getting up to naughty things with you.

It’s funny because having been through the same experiences before with the girls, Eva’s questions came out of the blue and completely threw us. We have spent years making all of the children feel secure and with everything else going on we had no idea that she has even been thinking about how much we love her.

We have both been making a conscious effort with all of the children telling them we really love them. Which we normally do everyday anyway but with Leah being a teenager, she just thinks we are being plain weird which is quite amusing.

Eva says she is going to read to you, teach you all about her love for Shopkins, push you in your buggy and help choose your clothes. We have already enjoyed shopping for you and I think you are going to be very stylish if Eva’s dress sense is anything to go by!

Balancing time with each child is a constant challenge but we do our best. By working as a team, we manage to juggle bath time, stories, homework and everything else. We have been very lucky with your siblings, they have all loved to eat and sleep from an early age.

I am hoping that you waking me up in the middle of the night at the moment with hard kicks isn’t a sign of things to come! you will sleep won’t you?

Lots of love Baby,

Mummy xx

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