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Woman, 47, who thought she had gained weight because of menopause gives birth to her first child

A 47-year-old woman found out she was pregnant just one hour before she gave birth to a healthy baby girl after going to the hospital because she was suffering from severe abdominal pain.

Judy Brown, from Beverly, Massachusetts, attributed her growing stomach to weight gain and the physical changes that went along with her pregnancy to her entering the ‘next phase of life’. But after her stomach pain became unbearable, she and her 48-year-old husband Jason, went to Beverly Hospital on Wednesday and learned she was pregnant for the first time.

The new mom told WCVB that after a physical exam her doctor told her: ‘It’s good news, you don’t have any blockages or anything. You are pregnant – and you are going to have her now.’


Just an hour later, Judy and Jason welcomed their healthy eight-pound daughter, Carolyn Rose, into the world. 

When it came to having children the couple of 22 years always thought ‘if it happens, it happens’ – although they likely never considered it would happen at this late stage in their lives.

But while they had no idea she was expecting, Judy said that their daughter is already ‘daddy’s little girl’.

‘When she cries I am there,’ Jason told WCVB. 


‘I feel like I am still going to wake up in the emergency room and say: “Hey, this is only a dream. It felt so real,”‘ he added.

During their interview with the news outlet, Jason can be seen cuddling the newest addition of their family, while Judy looks at them lovingly. 

Judy explained that her growing bump made her feel like she was ‘turning into her mother’.

However, the doting father noted that he didn’t necessarily attribute Judy’s stomach bulge to weight gain because the bump was hard instead of soft.

‘We thought it was kind of weird, but we didn’t think anything of it,’ he explained. 

And while Jason is completely enamored with his little girl, he said they are going to remain a family of three – and is already planning a vasectomy. 

‘I will probably get the surgery done before that even becomes a thought,’ he said. ‘She is going to be the only child.’ 

According to WCVB, Judy and Jason are borrowing a bassinet and a stroller to take their daughter home as friends and family members are working to help them get stuff ready for their surprise arrival.  


Source: Dailymail

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